Be a Druid 53 – Celtic Animals: Crane, Dog, Eagle, Owl – Mardukite Merlyn’s Druidic College 13.6

MARDUKITE CHAMBERLAINS Derwydd / DruidicCollege. So You Want to (How to) BE A DRUID WIZARD??? Part 53 So You Want to (How to) BE A WIZARD??? Part 109 Uploaded by MARDUKITE MINISTRIES courtesy of Joshua Free aka Merlyn Stone. MARDUKITE MERLYN’S YOUTUBE ONLINE SCHOOL Lesson 13.6: Derwydd Path: POWER ANIMALS 4 this series has been adapted from MERLYNS MAGICK, ARCANUM, and APPLIED DRUIDOLOGY (all by Joshua Free) Mardukite TV Ceremonial Series. Merlyn’s Magick © 2005, Joshua Free Arcanum © 2008 Joshua Free Be a Wizard Sem 1: energy, visualization, thought & willpower, natural forces, magickal correspondences, effective magick, basic techniques, magick circle, casting the circle, calling the elementals, raising energy, closing the magick circle, autosuggestion, hypnospells, modern (neo)paganism, wicca, grove festivals/sabbats, magickal attire, principles of belief (1974), critics of magick, arts of spellcraft, tools of the art, magick for others, candle magick, candle spells, herbalism, seduction & glamoury, love-lust & relationships, practical magick you can use, edaphic tradition, elves & elementals, edaphic ritualism. Be a Wizard Sem 2: elemental ritual magick, natural thresholds, tarot, golden dawn system of magick, middle pillar rite, kabbalistic cross rite, LBRP, Watchtower Ceremony, Enochian Basics, Enochian Watchtowers, enochian evocation
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