Be a Druid Wizard 19 – Medieval Druidry Cathars Templars Gnostics – Mardukite Druidic College 10.3

Mardukite Chamberlains BardicCollege. So You Want to (How to) BE A DRUID WIZARD??? Part 19 So You Want to (How to) BE A WIZARD??? Part 75 From Mardukite Ministries curtesy of Joshua Free / Merlyn Stone. Mardukite Merlyn’s Magick OnLine School Lesson 10.3: The Druidic Tradition: MEDIEVAL DRUIDISM CATHARS TEMPLARS GNOSTICS this series has been adapted from MERLYNS MAGICK & APPLIED DRUIDOLOGY (both by JOSHUA FREE) Mardukite TV Ceremonial Series. Merlyn’s Magick (c) 2005, Joshua Free. Be a Wizard Semester 1: Energy, Visualization, Thought & Willpower, Natural Forces, Magickal Correspondences, The Keys to Effective Magick, basic techniques, the magick circle, casting the circle, calling the elementals, raising energy, closing the magick circle, autosuggestion, hypnospells, modern (neo)paganism, wicca, (soon to follow lessons include) grove festivals/sabbats, magickal attire, principles of belief (1974), critics of magick, the arts of spellcraft, tools of the art, magick for others, candle magick, candle spells, herbalism, seduction & glamoury, love-lust & relationships, practical magick you can use, the edaphic tradition, elves & elementals, edaphic ritualism. Be a Wizard Semester 2: elemental ritual magick, natural thresholds, the tarot, the golden dawn system of magick, the middle pillar rite, the kabbalistic cross rite, the LBRP rite, The Watchtower
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