Episode 41 – 02-01-2012

Sameer is confused when the woman states that Ricky was back. She informs him that the windows of Ricky’s house were open. She adds that she had also seen Ricky near the house. Munna requests Rishi to convince Indira to withdraw some money from her account to celebrate the New Year. Rishi tries to convince Indira not to make Munna realize his responsibilities toward the family instead take the opportunity to rule the house. He also advises her not to reveal the truth about the deal of Sharma Niwas. Meanwhile, Ishaan overhears their conversation. Ishaan is surprised when Indira agrees to follow Rishi’s instructions. On the terrace Ishaan meets a girl of his age named, Alisha. Alisha is Amma’s granddaughter. She informs Ishaan that she had come from London to meet Amma. Meanwhile, Rishi and Indira come on the terrace and meet Alisha. Alisha is excited on learning from Rishi that they have organized a New Year party. Indira is left confused. Rishi requests Indira to give permission and tells her not to worry about the money. He adds that he would arrange the party with the money, which Inder had returned him. Ishaan is overwhelmed when Indira agrees. He announces to the family that Indira has given permission for a fancy dress party. Munna goes to a jewelry store to buy gift for Sunaina. He meets Jhumpa there, who tries to instigate him against Indira and Rishi. She alleges that the duo may throw Munna out of the house. Munna, however, does not pay heed to her and secretly
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