How to Get a Girlfriend – Tips That Actually Help

 Sometimes getting advice on how to get a girlfriend can wind up being a disappointing experience. You get the same generic tips or you get some advice that doesn’t really seem like it is going to work out at all. Like anything else, there is good advice and there is bad advice when it comes to dating. There is also advice that doesn’t really always apply to you and your situation. Hopefully, you are going to feel like you have gotten some tips that actually work out well for you after you have read this article.
Here are 3 tips on how to get a girlfriend that should be effective for you:
1. Getting a girlfriend is a lot easier when you know what type of woman you are really attracted to.
Just saying that you want a girlfriend is a pretty vague and almost abstract statement to make. There are LOTS of different women out there, lots of different personality types and you really have to be clear on what kind of woman you are attracted to. This matters, because it often dictates WHERE you are going to want to go to meet someone. For example, if you DON’T want a party girl as a girlfriend, then you probably wouldn’t want to go to bars and clubs looking for someone.
2. It’s also easier to learn how to get a girlfriend when you let the math work out for you.
I mean that there is a big difference when you have 5 women that you can potentially date versus just having 1 woman that you can possibly date. If you only have 1 woman that you can potentially date and things don’t work out, you won’t have a girlfriend. On the other hand, if you have 5 women to choose from and it doesn’t work out with one of them – you still have 4 more options. Let the math work out for you.
3. Learn to be mysterious at the right moment.
If you choose the right moment to be a little mysterious with a woman you like and are talking to, you can drive her curiosity about you through the roof and that is just going to make her want to be around you a little more just to try to figure you out. Most guys are not even a little bit mysterious when they are around a woman and is it any wonder that most guys end up having trouble finding a girlfriend?
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