How to Turn on a Woman – She Wants To Be Turned On By You

If you have grown up with the conditioning that women aren’t really that into sex and it doesn’t matter that much if you are good at getting a woman turned on, you might be in store for a reality check. I come across this issue all of the time when guys want to know they seem to always get seen as just a friend or if they are in a relationship, they just don’t seem to have the sex life that they want to have. If you really want to explore the idea of being able to seduce a woman, you have to realize that she wants to get turned on by you if she likes you.

It’s your job as the man to be able to push those buttons on her that make her feel that way. If you don’t do that job, then what do you get? Usually you either hear the words, I just don’t feel that way about you, or you end up with a very lackluster sex life. Too many guys end up hearing those words or they end up with a sex life that seems to be lacking and it usually comes back to the fact that they are ignoring a woman’s needs.

Here is some advice on how to turn on a woman so that you DO know how to get her turned on (because she wants you to know):

1) Find out what her fantasy is and find a way to become a part of that.

Most women have a fantasy in their mind, an idea of the way that it is supposed to be. And usually, the men that they are attracted to sexually embody some of that fantasy. You want to be the guy who embodies ALL of it and the way to do that is to learn what her fantasy is and then find a way to become a part of that. You have to be comfortable with talking to a woman sexually to be able to find this out, but it is well worth it.

2) You have to learn how to turn on a woman with physical touch.

Women tend to be very sensory oriented when it comes to getting turned on and one of the ways to work that in your favor is to get good at using seemingly innocent touches to get her worked up. Pay attention to her body language and the way that she breathes when you touch her and you should be able to see what she responds to.

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