Six Steps to Attract a Woman

Want to know how to attract a woman. These six steps to attract a woman will help any guy. To make the attractions towards any woman, a guy should be cautious because women can be turned away by simple things. However, employing different tactics at the same time will actually work well. Here are some unique ways using the six steps to attract a woman.

Six steps to attract a woman

Six steps to attract a woman – Step 1. Be sincere and honest
One of the common ways to attract a woman is to exercise sincerity and honesty in everything you are saying. A woman will be turned off by a guy who is not honest and sincere in what they are saying. In fact if you cheat on anything, a woman will catch you sooner and they do not forget easily. It is also important to keep the promises alive. If you had promised to call, then do so as promised. If you are going to meet, then show up on time or call earlier to say you will be late. Idle promises that are hard to keep should be avoided.

Six steps to attract a woman – Step 2. Avoid boasting
One better way on how to attract a woman is to avoid boasting of your earlier achievements concerning past relationships. A woman out there who is even interested in you will be pissed off if you continue boasting on the number of women you have triumphed. Since this is her time, ensure you are only boasting about her and not any other lady. In addition do not show pride as this will turn her off.

Six steps to attract a woman – Step 3. Flirting
When looking for a good way on how to attract a woman, a guy should consider flirting. Flirt by sending her cool but silent signals to arouse her curiosity. The flirting should be a good way to make her interested in you. Let your body language work for you. In other techniques, ensure you are sending her text messages that are flirting. However minimize this and moderate them.

Six steps to attract a woman – Step 4. Talk more when you meet< Another tip on how to attract a woman is for a man to do most of the talking in the beginning. However this will depend on the woman you are dating. Most guys who are shy will burden the woman by making her talk most of the time. One should avoid redundant questions and common things. A man should aim to do 3/4 of the talking. This will help in showing your personality. The talking should be kept light, fun and even playful. Six steps to attract a woman – Step 5. Be a keen listener
One thing on how to attract a woman, that should be mandatory for a man out there is to be a good listener. A man should ensure they are listening to what the woman is saying. Each word said should be taken with interest and responses given accurately and in an open manner.

Six steps to attract a woman – Step 6. Be different from other men
It is important that a man should work hard to let the woman know that you are very different from other men out there. It is important to show your side of originality by showcasing on your personality, behaviors and even intelligence. Avoid pretending you are someone you are not, unless you can carry it well. Be genuine and this will be a perfect way to attract a woman.

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